Waratah 600 Series 3 and 4 Roller - HTH622C 4x4

Innovative and engineered for the toughest applications, the HTH622C 4×4 provides peak performance, productivity, and uptime — helping keep you in the green.


Manufacturer:John Deere Construction
Model:HTH622C 4x4
Model year:2015
Brand:John Deere
h3. Dimensions:
Maximum feed-roller opening:(73 cm) 29 in
Width (maximum):(170 cm) 67 in.
Weigh(t Excluding links and some options:(2736 kg) 6,032 lb.
Butt Saw - Saw type:Waratah 3/4
Maximum cutting diameter:(40 cm) 16 in.
Bar and chain type:(59 cm) 23 in.
Saw limiting:Optional
TopSaw Saw type:0.404
Lubrication:Bar oil from tank
h3. Feed System:
4 feed rollers with on-demand hydraulicsynchro-drive:Various feed-wheel options available
Feed motors (drive arm motor/fixed drive motor):702 cc/400 cc
Feed speed — maximum flow:(6.5 m/s) @ 360 l/min. 21.3 ft./sec. @ 95 gpm
h3. Delimbing:
Top knives:1 fixed, 2 moving
Maximum delimb opening:(64 cm) 25 in.
h3. Control and Measuring System Options:
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