Waratah 400 Series 4 Roller - HTH460

The Waratah HTH460, a lightweight, all-round harvester head, is designed to handle a wide range of harvesting jobs — from first thinning to light regeneration harvesting. Its compact frame design provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. And its powerful, well-positioned saw unit ensures fast and precise felling and crosscutting.


Manufacturer:John Deere Construction
Brand:John Deere
h3. Dimensions:
Width arms open:(1360 mm) 4.5ft.
Width arms closed:(1200 mm) 4.0 ft.
Height without rotator and link:(1130 mm) 3.7ft
Weight without rotator and link:(820 kg) 1,808 lb.
h3. Felling/Cutting:
Maximum diameter saw cut:(50/620 mm) 21.7 in.−24.4 in.
Saw bar:(640/750 mm) 25.2 in.−29.5 in
Chain type:(10 mm) .404 in.
h3. Feeding:
Feed force gross:
With 400/250cc motors:(17.7 kN) 3,979 lbf
With 500/315-cc motors:(22.1 kN) 4,968 lbf
With 630/400-cc motors:(27.8 kN) 6,250 lbf
Speed:(4.5-6.0 m/s) 15-20 ft./s
Maximum feed roller opening:(560 mm) 22.0 in.
h3. Delimbing:
Delimbing knives:4 moving and 1 fixed
h3. Hydraulic Requirements:
Maximum operating pressure:(28 MPa) 4,061 psi
Recommended pump capacity:(200–340 l/min.) 53–90 gpm
h3. Control and Measuring System:
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