Waratah 400 Series 4 Roller - H415

The Waratah H415 Harvester Head combines large-time-cutting power with excellent delimbing quality. The H415 is hard to beat when it comes to productivity, uptime, and low daily operating costs.


Manufacturer:John Deere Construction
Model year:2015
Brand:John Deere
h3. Dimensions:
Width head open:(1720 mm)
Width head closed:(1200 mm)
Height without rotator and link:(1510 mm)
Weight:Without rotator and link - (1330 kg)
h3. Felling/Cutting:
SuperCut:100 saw unit, automatic chain tensioning: Standard
Maximum cut diameter:(750 mm)
Maximum of saw bar:(825/900 mm)
Chain type:.404 in.
Chain speed:(m/s) 40 m/s
h3. Feeding:
Feed:force gross*:(400/630 cc)
With 780-cc motors:28.1 kN 6,317 lbf
With 857-cc motors:31.1 kN 6,992 lbf
With 934-cc motors:33.9 kN 7,621 lbf
Maximum feed speed:2.9-7.0 m/s
Maximum roller opening:(680 mm)
Delimbing knives:4 moving, 2 fixed
Delimbing diameter, tip to tip:(460 mm)
Maximum opening, upper knives:(680 mm)
Maximum opening, lower knives:(730 mm)
h3. Hydraulic Requirements:
Maximum operating pressure:28 MPa
Recommended pump capacity:260–340 l/min
h3. Control and Measuring System:
Then manufacturer:Waratah
4WD with steel feed rollers:
Gross feed force:(400/630-cc) 27
With (500/780-cc) motors:30
With (1014/315-cc) motors:25-42
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