Waratah 200 Series 2 Roller - H290

The Waratah H290 is a powerful, high-capacity new-generation harvester head. Built for superior performance in regeneration harvesting, it was specially designed for use with large wheel-and-track-based harvesters.


Manufacturer:John Deere Construction
Brand:John Deere
h3. Dimensions:
Width arms open:(1970 mm) 6.5 ft.
Width arms closed:(1187 mm) 3.9 ft.
Height without rotator and link:(1970 mm) 6.5 ft.
Weight:Without rotator and link - (1870 kg) 4,123 lb.
h3. Felling/Cutting:
Maximum diameter saw cut:(750 mm) 29.5 in
Saw bar:(900 mm) 35.4 in.
Chain Type:(10 mm) 404 in.
Chain speed:(m/s, ft./s) 40 m/s 131 ft./s
h3. Feeding:
Feed force gross:
With 1259/944-cc motors:(37.3/28.1 kN) 8,385/6,317 lbf
With 1404/1050-cc motors:(41.6/31.2 kN) 7,014 lbf
Maximum feed speed:(4.5–6.0 m/s) 15–20 ft./sec.
Maximum roller opening:(760 mm) 30.0 in.
h3. Delimbing:
Delimbing knives:4 moving, 1 fixed
Delimbing diameter, tip to tip:(510 mm) 20.1 in.
Maximum opening, upper knives:(800 mm) 31.5 in.
Maximum opening, lower knives:(870 mm) 34.2 in.
h3. Hydraulic Requirements:
Maximum operating pressure:28 MPa 4,161 psi
Recommended pump capacity:320–380 l/min 84–100 gpm
h3. Control and Measuring System:
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