John Deere Grapple Skidder 948L

Won’t back down. Or let you down.

In the forest, Uptime is the name of the game. And the 948L Grapple Skidder is not interested in playing nice. Its beefier roller-bearing articulation joint provided longer life. The standard Outboard-Extreme axles are the biggest, most rugged axle in the woods. Add in a durable drivetrain, tougher grapples, and a simplified electrical system, and you have a machine that is all business.


Manufacturer:John Deere
Model:948 L Tier 4 Final
Model year:2017
Brand:John Deere
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Length:333.4 ci. (8469 mm)
Height:136 ci.. (3,454 mm)
Width:140.7 ci. (3,575 mm)
Weight:49,420 lbs. (22,416 kg)
Wheelbase:156.5 ci. (3,975 mm)
Ground Clearance:21.3 ci. (542 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity:103.5 gal. (391.8)
Engine Make:John Deere
Engine Model: PowerTech PSS 9.0L  
Peak Power:281 hp (210 kW)
Displacement:548 ci. (9 ltr.)
Brakes:Wet disc
Transmission: Continuous Variable Transmission  
Differential:Inboard planetaries
Travel Speed - Forward:15.53 mph (25 kph)
Pump: Axial Piston  
Pump Flow:29 gpm (110 lpm)
Tires:30.5 - 32
Winch:51,173 lbs. (227 kN) line pull (bare drum)
Blade:116.6 in. (2,962.4 mm) width; 55 in. (1,409.6 mm) lift full raise; 11.7 ci. (298 mm) dig depth
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