Hitachi Construction ZX370F-3

Powerful force for your toughest jobs

The largest of the Hitachi Forester family, ZX370F-3 is a powerful force to be reckoned with. From its tough, next-class-up swing and travel systems to the strengthened rugged upperstructure and heavy-duty undercarriage, it can take on the wildest of woods. The purpose-built processing front eliminates the need for boom-tip and hoist-cylinder adapters.


Manufacturer:Hitachi Construction
Model year:2015
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Engine Type:Tier-3 certified
Engine Make:Isuzu
Engine Model:AH-6HK1
Net Horsepower:271 hp (202 kW)
Pump:Two variable-displacement axial piston pumps
Maximum Flow:2 x 76.1 gpm (2 x 288 L/m)
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