John Deere 3754D Road Builder

It’s one machine that won’t let you down.

Years in dense woods have evolved some seriously tough traits in John Deere D-series swing machines. The 3754D is the toughest swing machine in the forest thanks to its robust design and Tier 3-compliant engine that increases power while promoting fuel efficiency. And since they’re specifically designed to prolong uptime, these machines won’t quit until the job is done.


Manufacturer:John Deere
Model:3754D Road Builder
Model year:2015
Brand:John Deere
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Length:36 ft. 9 in. (11,210 mm) transport
Height:12 ft. 6 in. (3,800 mm) transport
Width:11 ft. 6 in. (3,490 mm) transport
Weight:90,882 lbs. (41,196 kg)
Ground Clearance:2 ft. 5 in. (740 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity:277 gal. (1,050 l)
Maximum Reach:36 ft. 5 in. (11.1 m) at ground level
Engine Make:John Deere
Engine Model:6090H
Horsepower:296 hp (220 kW) net
Displacement:549 ci (9 l)
Travel Speed:3.4 mph (5.5 km/h) max.
Hydraulic Tank Capacity:52 gal. (195 l)
Hydraulic Pump:Axial piston
Rated Flow:80.3 gpm (304 lpm)
Swing Torque:81,950 ft. lbs.
Tail Swing:12 ft. (3,660 mm) radius
Lift Capacity:14,438 lbs. (6,549 kg) over front at ground level; 8,457 lbs. (3,836 kg) 360° at ground level
Dig Depth:24 ft. 3 in. (7,380 mm) max.; 23 ft. 8 in. (7,210 mm) 8 ft. flat bottom; 34 ft. (10,360 mm) vertical wall
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