John Deere Grapple Skidder 648L

Service made simple.

Faster maintenance will keep you up and running. The 648L Grapple Skidder makes service quick and easy with large panels for wide-open access to the engine and cab tilts to provide a quick route to other components. The efficient Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) keeps engine speed constant to reduce fuel consumption, while auto-idle extends component life. With the hydraulic reversing fan and extended filter-change interval and the 648L keeps your working longer.


Manufacturer:John Deere
Model:648 L Tier 4 Final
Model year:2017
Brand:John Deere
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Length:302.5 ci. (7,682 mm)
Height:132,5 ci.. (3,365 mm) over the cab
Width:127.3 in. (3,233 mm)
Weight:39,340 lbs. (17,844 kg)
Wheelbase:144.8 in. (3,680 mm)
Ground Clearance:21.9 in. (557 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity:90.4 gal. (342.2 ltr)
Engine Make:John Deere
Engine Model: PowerTech PSS 6.8L  
Peak Power:218 hp (163 kW)
Displacement:414 ci (6.8 ltr)
Brakes:Wet discs
Transmission: Continuous Variable Transmission  
Differential:Inboard planetaries
Travel Speed - Forward:15.37 mph (24.74 kph)
Pump: Axial Piston  
Pump Flow:29 gpm (110 lpm)
Tires:30.5 - 32
Winch:51,173 lbs. (227 kN) line pull (bare drum)
Blade:86.3 in. (2,192 mm) width; 55 in. (1,409.6 mm) lift full raise; 14.1 in. (359 mm) dig depth
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