Knuckleboom Loader John Deere 337E

Power. Speed. Efficiency.

Our Knuckleboom Loaders have always been some of the most rugged machines in the forest. Our 337E is no exception. Updated and enhanced to deliver maximum productivity and uptime, and low daily operating costs, they are among the most powerful, reliable, and efficient machines in their class – and in any neck of the woods.


Manufacturer:John Deere
Model:337E Tier 4 Final
Model year:2017
Brand:John Deere
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Engine Power:* 129kW (173 hp) @2,000 rpm
Reach:* 9.1 m (29 ft. 10 in.)
Operating Weight:* 12,510 kg (30,755 lb)
Lift Capacity:* @ 10 ft. 1930 kg (4,255 lb) @ 8.5 m (28.0 ft.)
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