903MH John Deere Tracked Harvester

Tough equipment for a tough job.

When you’ve got a tough job to do, you need equipment. We’re proud to say our 903MH Tracked Harvester fits the bill. It’s more powerful so you can take on more of the forest and get more done. With a larger displacement 9.0L engine, it delivers the power you need to move, swing, and harvest faster than ever. Thanks to the lowest daily fuel cost in the industry, you’ll be more efficient, too. Through-nose plumbing routes hoses up and out of harm’s way to extend hose life, increase uptime, and reduce operating costs. And with our redesigned cab, you’ll be more comfortable than ever.


Manufacturer:John Deere
Model year:2018
Brand:John Deere
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Height Over Cab, mm (ft/in):3550 (11 ft 8 in)
Width, mm (ft/in):3300 (10 ft 10 in)
Overall Track Length, mm (ft/in):4900 (16 ft 1 in)
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in):3830 (12 ft 7 in)
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in):3050 (10 ft )
Ground Clearance, mm (ft/in):756 (2 ft 6 in)
Superstructure Width, mm (ft/in):3050 (10 ft )
Slewing Angle, ┬░:360
Engine Manufacturer:John Deere
Engine Model:6090H
Displacement, ltr (Inches┬│):9 (549)
Rated Speed, rpm:2000
Engine Output, kW (hp):213 (286)
Engine Torque, Nm (lbf / ft):1270 (937) @ 1500rpm
Carrier Rollers - Each Side:2
Track Rollers - Each Side:9
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches):610 (24)
Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)):1080 (285)
Number of Alternators:1
Alternator Output, Amp:100
Slew Speed, rpm:4.8
Travel Speed, kph (mph):4.2 (2.6)
Reference Harvesting Head:Waratah HTH624C
Felling Diameter, mm (inches):810 (32)
Delimbing Diameter, mm (inches):760 (30)
Delimbing Feed Rate, m/sec (ft/sec):3.7 (12.1)
Cutting Radius - Maximum, mm (ft/in):9120 (29 ft 11 in)
Cutting Radius - Minimum, mm (ft/in):3680 (12 ft 1 in)
Cutting Swath Horizontal, mm (ft/in):5440 (17 ft 10 in)
System Voltage, V:24
Main Pump:Var. piston
Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min):494 (131)
Operating Weight, kg (lbs):31420 (69280)
Weight - With Reference Head, kg (lbs):34806 (76790)
Weight - Without Reference Head, kg (lbs):31420 (69280)
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