Leica iCON grade iGG4

Dual GNSS motor grader solution.

The iCON iGG4 empowers motor grader operators to do more without spending years in on-the-job training. The easy-to-understand solution makes most operators productive in just a short period of time. You can perform tasks with the grader now which previously seemed impossible. Crab walk when creating ditches or grade side slopes – let iGG4 automatically control the blade of the motor grader while you focus on putting the machine in the optimal position. The bottom line is: you save money by getting more production out of the machines you already own by adding an iCON grade iGG4 to your grader.


Manufacturer:Leica Geosystems
Brand:Leica Geosystems
PowerSnap:same panel use for any functionality level on any machine supported by iCON 3D.
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